Two of Watts’ biographies led to roles as consultant and on-screen expert in a pair of documentary films for PBS: American Experience: Henry Ford (2013) and American Experience: Walt Disney (2015). On this same network, he also was the subject of a two-part program on “Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank” entitled Ford’s Fundamentals (2005)

For “Ford’s Fundamentals” Parts 1 and 2 click on these two links:

Watts also served as a consultant and on-screen expert for two films for the History  Channel: The Men Who Built America and How Playboy Changed the World. Click on this link to see part of the Henry Ford segment on The Men Who Built America:

Henry Ford segment on The Men Who Built America

Watts appeared in the documentary film “Fordlandia” for Grifa Mixer Films (Brazil). For a synopsis click on He also appeared in “Hugh Hefner,” a documentary for Florian Films (Germany). Other documentary film appearances include “Titans: Hugh Hefner” (2010) for CNBC, “Money and Power” for NBC (2001), and “Makers of the Twentieth Century” for CBS (1998).

The People’s Tycoon has been optioned by Red Hour Films as a film project, and Mr. Playboy by Blackout Films as a television mini-series project. Both companies are located in Los Angeles.